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What Are Tench Fish?

Tench are also called doctor fish. They are a fresh- and brackish-water fish one of the cyprinid species located from Western Europe including the British Isles eastward into Asia as distant as the Ob and Yenisei Rivers. Tench usually resides in slow-moving freshwater environments, especially lakes and lowland rivers.

Tench are most usually seen in still waters with clay or muddy deposits and plentiful nature. This variety is uncommon in clear waters across a stony river bed, and they are missing altogether from fast running streams. They endure waters with low oxygen levels and are found in rivers wherever even carp fish cannot survive.Tench eat mostly at nighttime with a inclination for creatures, such as chironomids, on the bed of eutrophic waters and snails in well bloomed waters.

Breeding demands shallow water normally among water plants where their adhesive green eggs can be dropped. Spawning ordinarily happens in summer, and as many as 300,000 eggs can be created. Maturity is rapid, and tench fish may attain a weight of 0.00011 Mg (0.25 lb) inside the first year.

Tench have a sturdy, carp-ish form and olive-green skin, deeper above and nearly golden underneath. Their tail fin is squared in appearance. Their additional fins are plainly rounded in appearance. Their mouth is fairly tight and presented at each corner is a very minute barbel. Highest size is 70 cm, although most examples are much smaller. A reported tench discovered in 2001 in Britain had a mass of 15 lb 3 oz (6.89 kg). Their eyes are tiny and red-orange in hue. Reproductive dimorphism is limited, restricted to the grown-up females having an extra convex ventral form when matched against males. Males may also have a very full and flat outer ray to the ventral fins. They are usually more petite than females, but can be distinguished by possessing more curved lower fins and prominent muscles around the bottom of the fins ordinarily lacking in female tench.

Tench have tiny scales, which are deeply buried in a deep skin, giving it a slippery feel. Legend has it that the slime healed any diseased fish that brushed against it, and from this faith arose the title doctor fish.

Artificially reproduced tench named golden tench are popular decorative fish for ponds. They vary in shade from pale gold into to dark red, and some tench possess black or red spots at the sides and fins. Though moderately comparable to the goldfish, tench fish have before-mentioned tiny scales, their condition is somewhat different.

Tench are delicious, serving great in recipes that would usually involve carp, but tench are seldom eaten today. Tench are shoaling fish which are accepted game for coarse angling in rivers , lakes and waterways. Tench, especially golden tench, are also retained as decorative fish in ponds and they are bottom feeders which help to preserve the waterways and keep them clear and healthful.

Big tench may be located in gravel holes or deep, slow-moving waters. The soundest techniques and bait to lure tench are float fishing and legering with and added swim feeder utilising maggots, worms, sweetcorn, bread, et. Tench over 1 kg (2 lb) in mass are extremely powerful battlers when hooked on a rod.

Tench For Catch And Release Fishing

They are also employed in catch and release fishing. Catch and release is a method in recreational fishing designed as a method of preservation. Following capture, the tench are unhooked and delivered back into to the water. Frequently, a fast weighing and measuring of the tench is done. Utilizing barbless hooks, it is usually likely to release the tench without lifting it out of the water.

Tench For Sale

If you are looking for tench fish for sale for use in catch and release fishing then Licolnshire Fisheries supplies high quality tench fish for sale.

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