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Ecology of Still-Water Fisheries In Lincolnshire Part One

Before studying the management of still-water fisheries in Lincolnshire, it is necessary to understand how lake and pond ecosystems operate in the absence of human intervention. Still-waters are fascinating and complex aquatic ecosystems that are very different from the terrestrial ecosystem in which we live. It is necessary to recognise and understand these differences so that we fully understand the potential consequences of any management decisions. Although we report still-waters as freshwater lakes, implying that the water is in some way pure water, in actuality, it is never pure. Even rain is not pure water as it carries significant amounts of dissolved gases and other chemicals. Water has the capacity to dissolve a vast amount of natural and synthetic elements and aggregates. It is often referred to as the ‘universal solvent’. As water descends from the sky and runs into or across the ground as surface run-off, it accumulates up a myriad of chemicals as dissolved elements. It may also collect further substances, including elements that are insoluble but are suspended in the water. This utter soup supports a whole range of algae and invertebrates, which sustain the carp for sale and tench for sale that are of greatest interest to the handler. Animals that live in water are very dissimilar to animals that live on land. Although this is apparent, the difference is rarely fully comprehended. To understand how to operate fisheries in Lincolnshire, we must recognise the sorts of conditions the fish live in their environmental conditions. In part 1 of this blog series, we will look at still-waters from the fundamental principles of how they work, regarding some of the conditions prevalent in still-waters and how these vary over time and space and detail the various animals that live in them.

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