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Climate Change

With the onset of global climate change, will this effect our fishing? Well to put this into a nutshell, yes!

The more extreme the weather, the more vulnerable the British Angling scene will be effected.

Not only by the change in weather, i.e. rainfall, winds, extreme high temperatures in summer droughts and so on, but peoples perception on what is "pleasurable"

Not everyone wants to sit in extreme high temperatures nor heavy rain, high wind or even the cold.

With this in mind we have to change how we deal with the situation.

I have given this some great thought and have come to the conclusion that there are many ways we can help stimulate the way people think about their fishing.

  1. We can just carry on how we are, burying our heads in the sand and just "hope for the best"

  2. We can listen to what the anglers have to say and try to please them all, (this would be impossible)

  3. Decide on a strategy that will take fishing forward and overcome some of the stumbling blocks that stand in our way, aiming to satisfy the majority of anglers.

I'm sure you will agree there's only one option, but how do we go about this?

Well lets for one minute stand back and look at it from the anglers perspective. They all want to have a pleasurable day, be comfortable and feel like they have had that little bit of R&R they deserve.

But how do we go about this? well we need to look firstly at the environment that surrounds them.

Does it look welcoming? is it comfortable? will they catch plenty of fish? can they attain some kind of shelter from the weather while fishing? do they have far to walk with an ever increasing amount of heavy tackle?

It's now time to start thinking "how can we improve things"

Firstly the access needs to be good, you will find that if this is good, with minimal walking, you will attract so many more anglers. Often just a hardcore track is sufficient to enable better access to your lake, a car park very close by is an added bonus.

The platforms need to be sturdy, flat and not too small, small platforms are virtually useless with todays modern fishing boxes that need much more room for accessories etc. Keeping them flat and sturdy will ensure the fishermen can get comfortable, which is a must.

Obviously Fishermen go fishing to catch fish, so make sure your stocking levels are sufficient and try to have a good variety of species, after all variety is the spice of life. You will not attract too many anglers if all they do is sit watching a float not move all day.

Many new fisheries are just holes in a field, this leaves them exposed to the elements, wind is probably the worst of all, but coupled with rain or snow and cold, leaves them looking for more sheltered venues. Its so easy to plan it out, by planting a variety of trees, shrubs and bankside vegetation can make a huge difference, even if it just breaks the wind without stopping it that could just be enough. Besides, a well planted and maintained fishery will look so much more appealing and with little maintenance could really boost your customer base.

At Lincolnshire Fisheries, we do more than just sell you fish, we offer a full package of management, including advice to help you reach that higher level.

We can also offer Netting services, either to remove unwanted fish or to survey what you actually have in your lake. Usually just a couple of well positioned sweeps will give us important information on the species, amounts and more importantly the health of your fish.

for more information please send us an email or drop me a line on 07496946497. We can book a site visit if you require just to discuss your needs and offer general advice.

Please don't just leave it to chance, the climate is changing and so are your customers.

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