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  • Common Carp 

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Crusian Carp 

About Common Carp 

Common carp can be recognised by its regular scale decoration over its entire body and 2 barbules on both sides of its mouth. They are usually long and lean. Although the title suggests they are common, most fisheries prefer to stock more mirrors than commons. This accompanying the fact that a large common is rarer than a large mirror makes common carp a game and true gem to most carp anglers.

Size – Currently the biggest common caught in Britain weighs in at 64lb. The biggest common carp in the world is estimated to weigh in at 100lb and 8oz and was hooked in 2013 in France.

About Mirror Carp 

Mirror carp can be recognised by unusual scales dotted over their body, although fishermen have partitioned the scale patterns to make them simply identifiable – linear mirrors have a constant line of scales along their sidelong line whereas fully scaled mirrors are entirely covered in scales of different sizes. Mirror carp also manage to have a fuller, more rounded appearance than common carp.

About Crucian Carp 

Finally, we get to the tiniest of the Carp found in British waters, the Crucian Carp. Although, again, very comparable to common carp the crucian carp does not have any barbules and seldom weigh much over 3lbs. Crucian carp are normally found in lakes and ponds rather than moving waters and can remain in poor quality water with little oxygen.

In our opinion, a true carp fisher is one who angles for any of the above, handles the fish with the admiration they deserve and takes enjoyment from catching these magnificent fish.

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