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Barbel for sale are fine popular sporting fish

Barbel for sale are celebrated as a river fish but over the past decade have grown increasingly popular. Barbel do remarkably well in still water but do need more oxygen than your standard still water fish. However in the right conditions they can flourish, establishing on very good weight increases within one year, and providing you with the best pound for pound match of all the British fresh water fish.


Barbels are a collection of small carp-like freshwater fish, nearly all of the genus Barbus. They are normally found in rocky-bottomed gravely slow-flowing waters with large dissolved oxygen content. A regular adult barbel will vary from 25 to 100 cm in dimension and weigh anywhere among 200 g and 10 kg, although weights of 200 g are more prevalent. Babies weigh 100–150 g.


Barbel roe is poisonous and induces vomiting and diarrhoea in some people. However, the fish can be consumed, and recipes are available.

The name barbel originated from the Latin barba, suggesting beard, a testimonial to the two pairs of barbels—a longer pair facing forwards and slightly down positioned—on the side of the mouth.


Fish labelled as barbels by English-speaking people may not be identified as barbels in their mother country, although the origin of the word may be comparable. For instance, the Mediterranean barbel (Barbus meridionalis) is identified as barbeau méridional or barbeau truité in France, but too as drogan, durgan, tourgan, turquan and truitat.


Fishing for barbel

Barbel, although frequently found in still waters, are mainly a river-dwelling fish and are highly sought after by many anglers. They might not be the most slippery fish in the river; in fact, in the best conditions they are reasonably easy to catch. They are, however, very tough fish who will struggle right until you shift your landing net under them. Despite this rugged nature in the water they don't cope well outside of the water and must be replaced safely and quickly. It is good practice to hold the fish in the water until it is fully healed and swims away of its own accord.


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