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Premier Coarse fish from our working farm

 We pride ourselves on providing first class products to our customers. We offer Coarse fish to both the general public and trade.

Our fish farm is tightly regulated with regular inspections to ensure the finest quality of fish. Whether you're looking for stock fish in Lincolnshire or are wanting UK wide delivery right to your door, Lincolnshire Fisheries has a solution for you.




Crucian Carp, Mirror Carp and Common Carp for sale UK

We specialise in nurturing the finest quality carp in our carefully developed bio-secure location. From infancy to sale all of our fish benefit from a harmonious natural environment supported by the very latest in precision scientific support systems. This means that we supply premium young, strong, physically and emotionally healthy (unstressed) common carp, crucian carp and mirror carp for sale UK wide.

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Mixed Silvers for sale: Roach, Bream and Perch

We are specialists in breeding and selling mixed silvers and supply both commercial and private customers. We provide top quality fish  and all of our stock is  rigorously monitored for any signs of distress of ill-health. This ensures that you get a first class product. 

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Barbel for sale


Barbel are fine popular sporting fish

Barbel are celebrated as a river fish but over the past decade have grown increasingly popular. Barbel do remarkably well in still water but do need more oxygen than your standard still water fish. However in the right conditions they can flourish, establishing on very good weight increases within one year, and providing you with the best pound for pound match of all the British fresh water fish.


Fishing for barbel

Barbel, although frequently found in still waters, are mainly a river-dwelling fish and are highly sought after by many anglers. They might not be the most slippery fish in the river; in fact, in the best conditions they are reasonably easy to catch. They are, however, very tough fish who will struggle right until you shift your landing net under them. Despite this rugged nature in the water they don't cope well outside of the water and must be replaced safely and quickly. It is good practice to hold the fish in the water until it is fully healed and swims away of its own accord.


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Tench for sale

Lincolnshire Fisheries specialises in breeding superior Tench. Tench are slow growing and tend not to feed much until  the water temperature rises, therefore we carry out intense scientific and practical work and take extra care to nurture and supply premier Tench.

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